Creating Anchor Links

If you are looking to create something like a table of contents on an article or page, you can use anchor links. These will allow you to add links to a page or article that link to specific location within the body of the text.

Example Anchor Link

Creating an Anchor Link

This will work in either the body of an article or in a Text element on a page. There are two parts to this, creating the anchor id, and then creating a link to that anchor.

  1. Select and edit the page or article you want to create anchor links within.
  2. For pages, edit the Text element.
  3. In the top right of the main text section, click the Text tab. This will give you the text’s HTML code.
  4. Now that you can see the HTML code, you need to add an anchor ID code (example below) to wherever you want to place an anchor. This where you link will jump to. Note: You can change the id name and title in the tag to suit your needs.
    <a id="section1">Section 1</a>
  5. You can now switch back to the Visual tab to create the link. To create the link, highlight the text you want the reader to click on. For the link location, enter in a hashtag followed by the anchor ID you just created. For the example anchor, the link would be:
  6. Click Publish to save your changes.

Example Section for Anchor Link

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