Rayos Customer Support Overview

Types of Requests

There are 3 main types of support requests. The type of request determines how quickly the request will be processed and whether or not it is billable.

Request Type Description Billable?
Incident Incidents are reports of problems with the website or content management system caused by the malfunction of the core Rayos for WordPress Core Technology. No
Feature Request Feature Requests are reports of usability complaints or requests for Core Rayos for WordPress Core Technology to be changed so that it better meets your needs or performs more to your liking. No
Production Requests Production Requests are requests for when you need the TownNews Support Team to do work for you. These requests fall into several areas:

  • Help trafficking ads and managing your web advertising
  • Requests to build things using the tools in your CMS or App (most of these requests are things you could also do yourself)
  • Requests to customize the website or CMS by adding custom plugins, services or custom code
  • Requests for analysis, advice or consultation
  • Request for training
  • Requests to help you fix problems with existing customizations

Request Types for more information.

Incident Management

TownNews utilizes three categories of support request priorities: Normal, High and Critical.

Normal priority issues are defined as requests that do not affect the current appearance or operation of a site and typically receive a response within 48 hours.

Examples of normal priority issues include –

  • Requests for additional training
  • Design changes
  • New feature requests
  • Requests for new accounts, etc

High-Priority issues are defined as a product or service that is currently functional and available, but is incorrect or experiencing anomalies and typically receive a response within 24 hours. Examples of high priority issues include the following –

  • Problems with site style (particularly on a front or index page)
  • The inability to modify existing content or advertising

Critical priority issues are defined as issues that affect the availability or operations of a product (an ‘outage’ or inoperable) and that need to be addressed immediately and typically receive a response within 30 minutes. Examples of critical issues include the following –

  • A site that is unavailable
  • Inability to update editorial content or advertisements
  • Accidental deletion of files requiring a file restore

‘Response’ is defined as a reply acknowledging the issue and providing as much information as possible regarding resolution.

See Service Level Agreement for more information.

Points & Production Requests

TownNews Support uses a points system to charge for production work. Points provide you with the easiest, most accurate way to track production request time. Point estimates are calculated based on the amount of time the request will take to complete and the resource required to do the work. Customer Support will estimate and provide the point total for your approval before starting the request.

Typical request points breakdown:

  • Ad Trafficking = 3 points per hour
  • Production  = 8 points per hour (*these are the majority of requests)
  • Development = 8 points per hour

How To Contact Us

Support Portal

Logging into the support portal is the best way to contact us. The support portal also allows you to see ticket archives and makes it easy to stay up-to-date on the status of your requests.




Business Hours

Monday-Friday from 7AM-6PM CST

24/7 After Hours Support

If you are reporting a Critical Issue outside of business hours, call (800) 293-9576 to reach our answering service.

The on-call Customer Support Representative will return your call within 30 minutes. They will also create a support ticket on your behalf and will provide regular updates within that ticket until the issue is resolved.

After-hours support is for critical issues only. If you call and report a non-emergency incident, the Customer Support Representative may indicate that someone will respond during normal business hours.

Need Help Now?

File a ticket with the support team.

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Release Notes

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Production Requests

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Custom Development

Want a custom plugin or third party integration? Our CASE team is ready to help.