Request Types


Incidents are reports of problems with the website or content management system caused by the malfunction of the Core Rayos for WordPress Core Technology. If any of these components have a problem, you can report those problems and we will treat the report of that problem as an incident.

Will I be charged for reporting an incident?
No, you will not be charged for any incidents you report.

How quickly will my incident be fixed?
This depends on the nature and severity of the incident. Please see our incident SLA’s for more information.

Feature Requests

Feature Requests are reports of usability complaints or requests for Core Rayos for WordPress Core Technology to be changed so that it better meets your needs or performs more to your liking. In some cases, you may file an incident and after looking at your expectations for that feature, we may determine that the incident is actually a feature request.

Will I be charged for requesting a feature request?
No, you will not be charged for requesting a feature request.

How quickly will my feature request be addressed?
Our product team reviews all customer feature requests but we can’t guarantee a timeline.

Production Requests

Production Requests are requests for the Rayos Support & Production team to do work for you. These requests fall into several areas

  • Help trafficking ads and managing your web advertising
  • Requests to build things using the tools in your CMS or App (most of these requests are things you could also do yourself)
  • Requests to customize the website or CMS by adding custom plugins, services or custom code
  • Requests for analysis, advice or consultation
  • Request for training
  • Requests to help you fix problems with existing customizations

Will I be billed for production requests?
Yes, you are charged based on the amount of points attached to the request.

Each site has a certain amount of points per month. The amount of points you have per month is listed in your contract.

Questions about how much you pay per point or how many points you have? Contact Customer Support.

Note: The support staff does not have any control over how much you are charged per point or how many points you have per moth.