Creating RSS Feeds

You can build an RSS feed off of individual categories automatically in WordPress.

To get RSS feed URLs in WordPress:

  • Go to Articles > Categories in the site admin
  • Find the category you want and click “edit”
  • Look at the URL on the page and find the category ID, which is the number after “tag_ID=” in the URL

Say, for example, you want an RSS feed for your “Sports” category. When you click to edit the category you in the admin, you’ll see a URL like below. Right in the middle, after the “tag_ID=” is the category number, in this case “6.”

Now with this number, you can build the RSS feed for any category. Just replace the category ID number at the end of this URL to get the RSS feed.


If you would like to add multiple categories to your RSS feed, you will add the additional category IDs to the URL string separated by a comma.