Rayos Admin Analytics

Rayos uses Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track actions taken by users within the Rayos admin for reporting purposes.


To utilize the Rayos Admin analytics, you will need to create a Google Tag Manager (GTM) Container ID. This is a free service provided by Google. Instructions on creating an account and container IDs (this will be needed to track the events in Rayos) can be found here.

If you are already using a GTM Container ID for analytics on the frontend of your website, you will need to create another ID for admin tracking.

Once the ID is created, contact TownNews Support with the ID to get it added to your site as the Admin Tracking ID.

Available Tracked Events

These are the custom events that are being tracked within the Rayos Admin:


  • Title
  • URL/permalink
  • Published Date
  • Updated Date
  • Author Name, Email, & Username
  • Creator Name, Email, & Username
  • Includes Field59 Video
  • Includes Rayos Gallery
  • Editing enabled on Ingested Article


  • Active Channels
  • Creator of Alert
  • Send/Resend Date