Users & User Roles

A user account is required for anyone who has access to your WordPress instance as well as anyone who will display as an author in the byline of content.

To create a new user go to Users > Add New

Configure The User

Username This is what the user will see as their name when they log into WordPress. The username is not displayed to website visitors. It must be unique; no two users can have the same username.  Note: The username can not be changed after the user is created. 
Email The email address of the user. Note, if you are making a user simply to display as a byline for someone who will not be logging into WordPress, you will need to create a fake email to associate with their user account.
First Name & Last Name First name & last name of user. In most cases, the first and last name will generate the public facing author name for any content created by that user.
Website (and social media) This allows the user to add links to their presence on other platforms. In Rayos, this is primarily handled via the author bios plugin. In most cases, this can be left empty.
Password When creating a new user, you have two options for sharing the login information:
“Send Notification” Option: In this case, WordPress will send the user an email with a link to register with a complex (and secure) password and set their own password the first time they login. This is the most secure option, however WordPress emails tend to get lost in spam in many systems, if you use this option follow up and make sure the new user received the email.
Show Password Option: In this case, you will click the button that says ‘Show Password’ and copy the password displayed (or set your own) and personally email the user the password. This is less secure, but more likely to arrive as expected.
Role If you are creating a user who will be publishing content, there are four main options to choose from:

Contributor: User can write their own posts, but can not publish them.

Author: User can publish their own posts, but can not edit others posts.

Editor: User publish their own posts and edit/publish others posts and has access to most publishing features such as author bios, lists etc.

Publisher: User publish their own posts and edit/publish others posts and has access to most all necessary features for publishing and site building. (Note: this is the role with the most access)

Note: There are two other roles. “Subscriber” and “Business Owner” that are tied to front-end capabilities such as commenting, listings and events.  


Frequently Asked Questions

 I need the user to have a title or other attribution when their name is displayed on the website, is this possible?

Yes, after saving the user the first time, the user interface will allow you to change the public display name to a Nickname, which can be customized to include titles or other attributions such as “Photographer, John Morris”.