Configure Article Advertising

Article page ad units are driven by the editorial categorization of the content. The category system can be configured to assist in choosing the correct primary advertising category as well as tie articles to landing pages so that the articles and landing page ads can be targeted together as a group.

Primary Categories

While you can choose multiple categories on an article for editorial purposes, there can only be one primary ad category.

By default, the primary category will be the article category that is the highest ordered category in the highest ordered group. This category will appear with a purple background and a star.  Additional categories will appear in green.

If you would like to change the primary category to something other than the default, hover over one of the green categories and select the star for that category.

Note: The order of the category groups can be set by going to Articles > Category Group Order. Ordering category groups based your advertising priorities will help ensure that the best categories are selected by default.

Category Ad Paths

By default, an article’s primary ad category is passed to Ad Manager as part of the ad path. By default, a category will use the category slug as a single path for the ad units on the article page. For example: /12345/wkrp/slug-name

Typically, however, you will want to customize the category ad path so you can create a relationship between articles with a particular category and a landing page related to that same category. This allows you to target articles together with a landing page. For example, you may want to be able to target your sports page and all sports articles together.

To customize the ad path for a category:

  1. Determine the ad path of the landing page.
  2. Go to Articles > Categories and edit an existing category or create a new category.
  3. Enter the ad path in the Custom Ad path field.
  4. Save or Update the category.

Note: the paths should not include a beginning or trailing slash. It should be entered as news/local-news not /news/local-news/