Working With Third Party Tags (Rich Media)

When you use Third Party Tags as the “creative” when creating a line item in DFP, DFP will call out to another ad server/server to get the the code and images necessary when the ad is delivered.

In this example AD 3 is using Third Party Rich Media

Sometimes, Third Party Tags are used simply so that the agency or advertiser has more control over the tracking. However, If the ad includes specialized behavior such as wallpapers, pushdowns or floaters, the third party tag is often used because the ad needs to deliver code (html, js and css)  to make the ad move, expand, float or stick in a certain position.

We refer to Third Party Tags that include this kind of code as Rich Media.

Example Third Party Rich Media Tag:

<!– beginExample Ad Tag:Expanding Super Banner – 728 x 90 : –>
<script language=”JavaScript”>
var zflag_nid=”305″; var zflag_cid=”53958/50753/1″; var zflag_sid=”5376″; var zflag_width=”728″; var zflag_height=”90″; var zflag_sz=”14″; var zflag_click=”%%CLICK_URL_ESC%%”; var zflag_ref=”[INSERT_REFERER_URL]”;
<script language=”JavaScript” src=””></script>
<!– end Example Ad Tag:Expanding Super Banner – 728 x 90 –>

Because Rich Media ads tend to be rather complex, it is always a good idea to test the tag the first time you use it. TownNews recommends allowing for three weeks of testing before the order runs. In most cases, you will not need the full three weeks, but if there is back and forth needed, it is best to give yourself plenty of leeway.

Note: TownNews expects all functionality and style for the ad will be included in the served ad. TownNewsl does not add code to the site to manipulate or control ad positions.


Testing Third Party Rich Media

1. Determine Where The Ad Will Run

Are you planning on running this rich media to an existing position, such as your top leaderboard ?

If so, double check that the ad inventory supports the size(s) of the rich media.

Are you running an ad to a new position?

If the rich media is a size that does not exist, you will need to create the inventory ad slot first. If the ad does not exist in a traditional position such as a wallpapper, interstitial or floating ad, it will usually run to a 1×1 pixel ad position. If you have not run this kind of ad in the past, this position will need to be created first.

Need help creating the new position? Request help by contacting contacting the TownNews support desk.

2. Make Sure The WordPress Test Page Is Configured

Each broadcast site should have a test page, usually called Z-Ad-Test.

Login to WordPress and make sure that inventory position above is on the Z-Ad-Test page. If not it will need to be added.

Usually rich media tags are added to the bottom of the page, however, if your site is using ‘lazy loading ads’ the tag for the rich media should be added to the top, so that the ad is triggered when the page loads.

Need help configuring your test page in WordPress? Request help by contacting contacting the TownNews support desk.

3. Determine the Post ID of your test page

View the source of your Z-Ad-Test page by right clicking on the page and choosing the option “view source” and search for the text ‘gtx_ads.’

The Post id of your page will look like this: = “626138”;

Need help determining your Post ID? Request help by contacting Request help by contacting contacting the TownNews support desk.

4. Schedule Your Test Order

Create a test line item in DFP with your third party Rich Media using the following settings

  • Set the priority to sponsorship
  • Set the targeting to Post= [the id of your test page]
  • Add the creative as type = ‘Third Party’
  • Set the creative size to the appropriate size

Note: if desired, TownNews can run the entire test for you. The initial set up of a rich media test is 4 points.  Request a full test by contacting TownNews support desk.



The ad does not display on the test page at all

If the ad is not displaying at all, follow the following steps

  1. Go to the creative tab for your line item in DFP and preview the creative in ‘new window’ if the ad does not display there either, the problem is with the third parties code – send them that link and tell them its not working
  2. If the ad does display in the ‘new window’ option double check that the test line item has the right post id of the page
  3. If the ad is displaying in the new window and the post id of the page is correct, file a ticket with TownNews support for our ad team to troubleshoot

Note: Wallpaper ads do not preview correctly in the ‘new window’ display because they interact with the sites code. If you are having problems with a third party wallpaper content TownNews support.

The ad is being cut off by other elements on the page or not positioned appropriately

if parts of the site are covering your site, the z-index settings or positioning in the ad most likely need to be adjusted. Send the third party the text page and ask them to adjust their code.

The ad does not look good/appear on all devices or browsers

You should test your ad in multiple browsers and device sizes. Rayos supports the two most modern versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE.

Make sure the inventory has the sizes that appear in ad on all devices, the third party should have clarified this when sending their tag.

The ad may be designed for a non responsive site. Send the third party the text page and ask them to adjust their code.

The ad displays but does not track impressions in DFP

Some third parties may not include placeholder for click tracking macro, meaning clicks will not be tracked in DFP. If you need impressions for your own tracking talk to the third party about adding in a click tracking macro.


Note: TownNews works closely with the agency to make sure the majority of their templates work with Rayos sites. The first time you use their templates, there will still be a testing phase, but it should be much shorter and TownNews will be better able to help troubleshoot. For more information on working with, contact the TownNews support desk.