Rayos Video Advertisement Capabilities

Rayos dynamically creates the video tag for the player based on the same code that the display ads use, so ad targeting is same.

Video Advertisement Types

Pre-Roll If used, the video advertisement will appear before the video content. The video advertisement will include a countdown timer in the lower left that indicates how many seconds until the video content plays.

Note: Apple’s OS does not allow for skippable video advertisements. For this reason, skippable pre-roll is not recommended.


In order to avoid high abandonment rates, video advertisements should be no more than :15 seconds in length (recommended :6 to :10 seconds). Video abandonment rates on pre-roll video advertisements over :20 seconds can be severe.


If you would like to target a specific video or group of video content, target the Ad Manager ad unit for that content. Other targeting options:

category The player is passing all of the editorial categories the author of the article used to categorize that content. Note: A video often has more than one category.
video_position The video position indicates which video player to target when multiple videos exist in a single article.
url The url is the relative url of the article. In general it is always best to use the post instead of the URL.
post The post is a unique ID for the article

Note: To find the categories or post ID, view source on any page and search for the text gtx_ads

Video Advertisement Hosting Options

DFP Hosted Video You can upload any MP4 video file that is 30 MB or less directly into DFP.
Field59 Hosted Video For videos over 30 MB you will need to use your Field59 account:  upload a video in Field59 and select the direct link for the 360p version of the video found in the ‘URL’ menu while editing the video.

New to Field59? Learn how to upload a video in directly into Field59 here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have some videos that will never have a pre-roll?

Yes, when selecting the video from the Media Library, click on “No Ads” before clicking Embed.