Expiring Elements

Expiring a template could be useful in a scenario where you want to remove a promotional element for something with a specific end date, such as a link to a contest. Whereas Schedule Elements allow you to set up recurring rules that determine when to show elements or groups of elements within a template, expiring a template allows you to define an expiration date and time for the template itself.

After a template’s expiration time passes, it is automatically removed from any of the pages of your site to which it was added. The template will still exist in the list of templates in WPBakery Page Builder > Templates.

How To Set An Expiration On A Template

  1. Go to WPBakery Page Builder > Templates
  2. Add or create a new template
  3. Add elements to the template
  4. In the Publish box, click Edit next to Expires
  5. Choose an expiration date and time.
  6. Select Set
  7. Save or Update the template

Note: If you want to “unexpire” a template, you can edit the template to change the expiration time and re-add it to the appropriate page(s) of your site.