Author Bio Templates

When a website visitor clicks on an author’s name, either in the article or in a content list, WordPress directs them to an archive of all articles that author has published. This page is a called an Author Bios page.  The Author Bios page can be one of three states:

Author with content, but no Author Bio:  If there is no Author Bio associated with the user who authored the article, the Author Bios page will consist of one paginated list of that author’s content and the content wrapper defined for Author Bio pages. (The style of the author’s content list is determine by the archive page settings.)

Author Bio with no content: In some cases, there may be an Author Bio that is not associated with a user that has authored content, so no content list will appear. (An Author Bio may be created for a user who hasn’t authored any content primarily so talent/meet the team pages have a consistent look.) In those instances, the page will consist of only the Author Bio and the content wrapper defined for Author Bio pages.

Author with content and an author bio: If an author has an associated Author Bio and content in the system, the Author Bios page will consist of the Author Bio (as defined by the template described below), one paginated list of that author’s content (the style of the list is determine by the archive page settings) and the content wrapper defined for the Author Bios pages. These three components are shown in Diagram A:

Diagram A


Author Bio Content

Default Author Bio Content

By default, when the Author Bios plugin is enabled, the following fields are available to be populated by Author Bio creators:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title / Position
  • Email
  • Bio
  • Social Media Links
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn

Custom Author Bio Content

You can add additional, customized fields for your site’s Author Bios.

The Author Bio Template controls the visual display of Author Bios on the site. Using the Author Bios Template, you can control the order fields are displayed and add new fields to bios.

Editing Author Bios Template

  1. Go to Author BiosBios Template. 
  2. To add a new field, click the ( + ) button to open the Page Builder popup menu
  3. Click the Rayos tab.
  4. Click the Author Bios Field object.
  5. When the popup menu opens, you can set the following options:
    • Field – In the pulldown menu, select the type of field to display.
    • Inline – Use the checkbox to remove p and div wrapping (programmers only).
    • Class – Additional CSS class for field (programmers only).
    • Raw – Use Yes button to output raw value (programmers only).
  6. Click Save Changes to save the field.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to add additional fields.
  8. Drag and drop the fields to reorder them.
  9. Press Publish to save changes to the template.

Add Author Fields

  1. Go to Author Bios > Author Fields
  2. Scroll down to the Add Field button.
  3. Click Add Field.
  4. Give the field a Field Name and Field Type.
    The Field Name and Field Type cannot be changed after they are created without affecting the data.
  5. Use the dropdown to select a Field Type.
  6. Press Update to save the new Author Field.
  7. Follow the steps for Editing Author Bio Templates to add the new Author Field to the template.