Archive Pages

Before you begin: You should have an understanding of list templates.

Archive Pages are pages that include lists of content that are automatically generated by the platform. The Archive Page settings allow you to control which list template should be used for each Archive Page’s list. These lists include:

Category & Tag Archive Page Lists
These are the pages that WordPress automatically generates for every category and tag, such as ‘category/news/’.

Author Bio Lists
These are the lists of all content an author has published. They appear on Author Bio pages.

Search Result Lists
These are lists of articles that appear in search results.

How To Change Archive Page List Settings

  1. Go to Settings> Archive Pages
  2. Go to the dropdown for the Archive Page type you would like to define.
  3. Select the list template you would like to use for that Archive Page type.
  4. Update the Archive Page settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the style I want is not available in the dropdown?

You can create a new list template. Learn about creating new list templates here.