Creating An Election Via A Feed

The Rayos Election tool has the ability accept election feeds from AP or BTI. You must have a contract with BTI or AP to utilize their election feeds. The processes that these companies use to provide the feed vary, but the election results will display the same on your site regardless of the feed provider.

From a BTI Feed

Prerequisite: A working FTP with TownNews

  1. Create a new ftp folder named /elections
  2. Ensure the election file is .xml and title is election.xml
  3. Rayos will automatically process an election file sent to /incoming/elections/election.xml
    Failure to match this format will prevent election data from flowing into your site
  4. Create the election date in Elections > Dates
  5. In Elections > All Races, apply election date to all imported races, no more than 40 races at a time via the bulk editor
  6. Follow the instruction here to add the results to pages

Note: Races will display in the order they are assigned in the BTI tool. Order may not be changed once imported into WordPress.

From An AP Election Feed

  1. Obtain your AP API key for elections from AP
  2. Enter your AP API key in Configuration > General
  3. Once active, Rayos will automatically ingest election data from AP into All Races
  4. Follow the instruction here to add the results to pages

Note: AP will typically send test data two weeks prior to an election. We recommend the API key setup prior to this time.