Trending Topics

Trending Topics is a Rayos feature that allows users to manage content that appears in the topics bar on the site. Trending Topics consist of two pieces, a page element that displays the active topics and the Trending Topics settings dashboard where topics can created and organized.

Note: Trending Topics requires access to Rayos Alerts to use.

Managing the Trending Topics Bar

Trending Topics

Trending Topics bar example

You can create new links in your Trending Topics bar by navigating to Trending Topics in the left side menu. Once in the Trending Topics dashboard, do the following:

  1. Click the Add Topic button at the bottom right.
  2. Topics start out Disabled. Toggle the topic to Active for it to show on the site.
  3. Next choose your Topic Type:
    1. Custom allows you to set the custom text, link, and schedule for the topic.
      1. Custom Text* – The text that is used on the topic bar. This field is required. Note the trending topics bar has limited space, so keep it short. This field also accepts inline styling if you’d like to customize the look of the text (Example: <a style=”color: red;”>TEXT<a> would display as TEXT in the Trending Topics bar.
      2. Custom URL – Requires url protocol (http://) to work. Leave blank for text only.
      3. Recurring Schedule – Check this box if you want to set the topic to appear on a regular schedule.
        1. Set the Days of week this topic will be active.
        2. Start Time / End Time – Times during the recurring days that the topic will be active. Required for recurring topic.
      4. Scheduled Start – Topic will not display until start time. Leave black to publish immediately.
      5. Topic will not display after set end time. Leave blank to keep topic active indefinitely.
    2. Rayos Alert allows you to put a place holder topic in the Trending Topics bar that will display the most recent active alert published to the Trending channel. If you want to display more than one active alert, place and addition Rayos Alert top in the Trending Topics bar.
    3. Weather Alert adds a weather alert link to the Trending Topics bar when there are active severe weather events based on the criteria set under Alerts > Severe Weather > Trending Event Settings. The topic displays a count of the active weather alerts and links to your severe weather page. Because of this, only one Weather Alert topic needs to be added to the Trending Topic bar.
  4. Custom CSS Class is used to apply a custom style to this topic. Note that any custom CSS styling needs to be added to the site by TownNews Support Services.
  5. To re-order topic menus, just click on drag the bar on the left hand side of each topic. This will allow you to order the topics within the Trending Topics bar.
  6. To remove a topic, click the (-) button in the bar along the right had side of the topic. To add a new topic in a specific position, click on the (+) sign in the right side column in location you want to topic to appear.
  7. At the bottom of the dashboard, the Topics Preview allows you to see a preview the Trending Topics bar. This can be helpful if you have a large number of trending topics as the text will eventually begin to cut off along the sides. If that occurs, disable a topic or shorten your custom text.
  8. Click Update in the top right to publish your topic changes to the site.

Adding the Treading Topics bar to your site

Adding the Trending Topics bar to your site is as easy adding a new page element to the site.

To add the Trending Topics element on a specific page:

  1. Go to to Pages in the left side menu.
  2. Find and edit the page.
  3. Click a (+) button in the row you want to add the element to and choose Trending Topics from the elements menu.
  4. Save the changes and update the page to publish.

To add the Trending Topics element site wide using a template:

  1. Go to to WPBakery Page Builder > Templates in the left side menu.
  2. Find and edit the appropriate template. Most sites have a “!Default – Top Row” template that is on the top of every page on the site. Click to Edit the template.
  3. Click a (+) button in the row you want to add the element to and choose Trending Topics from the elements menu.
  4. Save the changes and update the template to publish.