Social Media Embeds

Adding social media content such as Facebook or Twitter posts is as simple as finding the post link and pasting it into the article body. Instructions for getting the social share URL from the most popular social platforms are listed below.

Important: It is important not to use the embed code that the different social media platforms provide but to use the link pasted directly into the article body. The embed code is typically an iframe, which will not work in the mobile app or in any content sharing you may have.


 Platform Steps Screencast
Twitter Use the “copy link to tweet” function
Facebook Right click on the date/timestamp under the poster’s name. Select “Copy Link Address” to get to specific url for just that video.
Instagram Click on specific post and then copy url from browser
YouTube Click on “Share” under the video then click “Copy” to save the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the social media embeds styled on the site?

We use Twitter’s preferred style to display the embedded content.