Publish Video

The Rayos platform makes it easy to quickly add video content to your articles. Four different types of video are supported:

Additionally, there are certain special attributes of articles with video discussed below that you should be aware of before adding video to your articles.

Rayos Video

Rayos videos are either created during the clipping process or directly uploaded to Field59. Once clipped or uploaded to Field59, videos are available to embed right from the article edit screen. To add a Field59 video to your articles:

  1. Open or create an article
  2. Position cursor in the body text area where you want the video to appear
  3. Click the Add Media button to open the Media Library
  4. Click the left hand menu item called Field59 Video
  5. Select video. Once selected, an Embed button will appear at the bottom of the Media Library window
  6. Choose to autoplay video or disable pre-roll ads, if desired, by checking the boxes above the Embed button
  7. Embed video


If you have a CNN VAN account, your site can be configured to allow you to select and embed CNN video directly from the article edit screen.

Use of CNN VAN video requires plugin activation and setup. If you have access to a CNN Video account and want the CNN VAN plugin activated, please contact TownNews support.

To add a CNN VAN video to your article:

  1. Open or create an article.
  2. Position curser in the body text area where you want the video to appear.
  3. Click the CNN button on the editing tool bar. The CNN VAN interface will overlay your article editor.
  4. Select a video.
    You can filter the list of videos by choosing from the Categories on the left or using the search/filter options at the top. (The full, unfiltered list of videos takes a long time to load, but filtering the list loads up a smaller number of videos which will load faster.) Once you’ve selected a video, you can preview it and see metadata about the video in the right-hand side of the interface.
  5. (Optional) Set Featured Image to use the featured image from CNN for that video as the article featured image
  6. Click Embed and Close
    You will see a video placeholder box in the article editor where the video has been embedded in the article.

Social Embed Video

Videos posted publicly on social media platforms can be embedded into your articles by simply pasting the URL of the video in to your article body. Instructions for getting the social share URL from the most popular social platforms are as follows:

 Platform Steps
 YouTube Click on the share button under the video. Copy the share URL.
Twitter Use the “copy link to tweet” function
Facebook Right click on the date/timestamp under the poster’s name. Select “Copy Link Address” to get to specific url for just that video.
Instagram Click on specific post/video and then copy URL from browser

Articles with YouTube video will receive a play button overlay on featured images in content lists and will be included in lists that are set up to include articles with video. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram videos will not receive the play button overlay nor will they receive the video for filtering in the article list.

Third-Party Video

Third-party video is any video hosted by some other third-party platform not discussed above. For example, you may have access to library of videos from your site’s parent network. To embed third-party video:

  1. Get the video embed code from the third party
  2. Open or create a new article
  3. Position cursor in the body text area where you want the video to appear
  4. Choose Add Media
  5. Choose 3rd Party Video Embed
  6. Paste the embed code from the 3rd Party
  7. Click Embed to insert into the Article

Special Attributes Of Articles With Video

When embedded as instructed, articles with most videos (exceptions noted below) have some special behaviors including:

  • Articles with video get a play button overlay over the featured image when displayed in content lists
  • Articles with video can be filtered in lists to show only articles with video
  • Articles with video, have the video appear in the featured section of the App version if the article. (Exception: if a gallery exists in the post)