Pinning An Article

When content displays in a list, the order of the articles is determined by the Sort Order set in the List object. But that order can be overridden by “pinning” content to a specific location in a list.

Note: There’s a pinning limit of 20 posts.

Pinning Content In Lists

  1. Go to Lists > All Lists  and open the list you want to edit
  2. At the bottom of the Edit List page, find the list of eligible content for that list
  3. To pin a particular piece of content, click it once. The row will turn yellow, indicating that the content is pinned.
  4. Click ( ) to reposition the content by dragging and dropping the content in the correct position.
  5. Use the Send it to the Top arrow button ( ) to automatically send a pinned pice of content to the first position in the list.
  6. Scroll back up and Publish the list to save your changes.

Note: To unpin an article click the article row again. The content will turn from yellow to white, meaning it is unpinned.

Automatically Expire Your Pin

Once the content is pinned (yellow) a Pin Expiration window will appear to the left of the title.

To set the pin to expire at a specific time click in the Pin Experation window. A calendar will appear, set the expiration time and date.

Note: If no expiration is set, the pin will continue to be pinned unless manually removed.

After the pin expires the article moves to back to it’s expected position based on the list’s Sort Order.


If your list that contains articles that are sorted by Publish Date (newest to oldest) and you have an article publish today at 2:00pm pinned in the first position and expiring today at 10pm, then at 10pm today, that article will no longer appear in the first position on the list, but will move to it’s expected order amongst the other articles based on the publish date and time

Before 10pm After 10pm
Article B (published at 2pm) *Pinned
Article D (published at 9pm)
Article C (Published at 6pm)
Article A (Published at 10am)
Article D (published at 9pm)
Article C (Published at 6pm)
Article B (published at 2pm)
Article A (Published at 10am)


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the pinning affect the website and app?

Yes. Pinning is a manual override for the order of the content in your lists. This will affect the list and anywhere that list displays, both on the site and in the app.

I want to pin an older article that I cant see in the list. How do I do that?

If you want to pin an older article that does not appear in the list, you can use a link object to point to the article and publish that to the list instead.
Note: you will need to make sure the list is set to include links.

Can I pin multiple articles?

You can pin multiple articles and set separate expirations for each. Note, however, that pinning a piece of content to a specific position keeps the content in that position despite what happens to the content around it. So, for example, if you have 2 articles, “A” and “B”, with A pinned in the first position set to expire in 3 days, and B pinned to the second position with no expiration, when article A’s pin expires, a new article will take the number one position based on the list’s sort order. Article B will remain in the second position where it is pinned and will NOT automatically move up to the first position.