Tags are metadata (information) about an article that tells WordPress, plugins, search engines, and website visitors what each article is about. Tags are fluid; they can change as news topics come and go. They don’t speak to the site as a whole, but rather the specific people looking for content on that term.

Tags can be created on the fly for your articles, but you can also select from previously created tags. For more information on using tags versus categories and tag best practices, view the Categories & Tags video.

Selecting Tags

When working with articles, you can create one or multiple tags from tags list or choose from your most used tags.

  1. Open an existing article or follow the steps to create a new article.
  2. Locate the Tags selector box (usually found in the right side of the page).
  3. Type the relevant tags into the tags field. Separate multiple tags using a coma.
  4. You can select from your site’s most used tags by clicking the Choose from the most used tags link.
  5. Click Update to save the article.

Note: If there is a topic you cover frequently, it is best to use one tag for that topic and not have multiple versions (Ex: Gov Jim Jackson, Gov Jackson, Governor James Jackson). Any of those are fine, but it helps with your SEO if you choose one and use it consistently.