Selecting Categories

Categories and tags are metadata (information) about the article that tells WordPress, plugins, search engines, and website visitors what each article is about.

Categories tell the WORLD what your site is about. They are the main outline of your site’s content and should be SEO friendly, concise, and fairly steady over time.

For more information on categories versus tags and category best practices, view the Categories & Tags video.

Selecting Categories

When working with articles or other objects, you can select one or multiple categories from your category list.

  1. Open an existing article or follow the steps to create a new article.
  2. Locate the Categories selector box(usually found in the right side of the page).
  3. Select the Category or Categories you would like to add by using the search or the scrolling list organized by Category Group.
  4. The highest Category selected from the list will default to your Primary Category. This designation can be used to display just this category on your List Templates or can be tracked as a custom dimension within Google Analytics. To change the assigned Primary Category, hover over the category you want to assign as “Primary,” and click the flag icon.
  5. Click Update to save the article.

Note: If you add a Category by mistake, remove it by hovering over the Category name in the Selected area then click the trashcan icon to remove it.