Hidden vs Public Categories

Hidden vs Public Categories

All Categories are used by Rayos to determine where content appears on the site. Each List determines which articles should display by limiting the range of articles by category.

Public Categories serve an additional purpose in that they also help your website visitors and search engines find content. They do this in the following ways:

  • Label list items: In some cases Lists display the categories for each article. When this option is chosen, all the public categories display to the website visitor. If the visitor, clicks on the category they are taken to the /category/slug-name URL for that category so they can find more content of that type.
  • Inform site search: If an end user searches for the exact term for your category the /category/slug-name page will be displayed as an option
  • Inform search engines: When search engines crawl your site, they will find the /category/ pages and index them as pages rich with content on that term

Hidden categories are not viewable to search engines or your website visitors, they are only used to determine where content appears on the site. They are useful when you want editors to be able to route articles to specific lists on your site. Examples of common hidden categories are things like ‘Homepage’ or ‘Right Rail Highlights.’

In cases where the category is marked hidden, the editor will see a small icon to the right of the term and on hover over the category will show ‘(hidden).’