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Open Graph tags determine what text and images to display when a link from your site is shared on a social media platform. Open Graph tags are in a site’s source code and Rayos populates these tags differently depending on how you build your article.

To have better control over how your content appears when used on platforms like Facebook and Twitter you should familiarize yourself with Rayos’s Open Graph standard.

Rayos Open Graph Standards

There are many open graph tags generated for each article, however, there are four important ones that generally make up all the elements of a link preview on a social media platform. These are:

1. Title (og:title)

The Title field of the article, populates the title tag unless the  user has manually updated the SEO version of the title using the YOAST SEO Plugin. If the SEO version is updated, the Open Graph tag will use the SEO version instead of the article title.

2. Description (og:description)

The Excerpt field of the article populates the description tag. If no excerpt is found, this tag will be populated using the first 150 characters of article text.

TownNews recommends always populating the excerpt field.

3. Image (og:image)

The Featured Image from the article will be used for the image tag. If there is no featured image, the tag pulls the first image found in the article body. If there is neither a featured image or an image in the article body, there will be no image tag defined.

If no image is defined for an article, some social media platforms will use a default icon, others might search the other parts of the page such as the header or right rail for an image to use. This may result in unintended images being associated with the article.

TownNews recommends always defining a featured image.

4. Site (og:site)

The site tag  is populated from the Site Title field in a website’s General Settings (Settings > General). The site tag is used to show an attribution on most social media platforms.

The Site Title in the Settings also populates the copyright in the footer.


What if I want to change my Open Graph Tags after I already published my article?

Most social media platforms have tools that will let you request that they re-scrape your content for changes, including:

How do I check and see what is being populated to my Open Graph Tags?

The Open Graph tags can be seen by viewing the source on any article and searching for “Yoast”.

All of the Open Graph Tags are in one section generated by the Yoast SEO plugin.