User Generated Photos

User Generated Photos (aka UGC Photos) are photos submitted by website visitors and app users via a submission form tied to a specific gallery or as part of a general image submission form.

All User Generated Photos are sent to a moderation queue for approval by editorial staff prior to publication.

The User Generated Photos moderation workflow is typically configured as part of your initial implementation. If you want to check your settings or make modifications, go to UGC settings.

Creating A User Generated Photo Gallery

To create a User Generated Photo Gallery, follow the steps to create a gallery, and check the box to allow for user submission. The user submission option is available for all Gallery Templates except for the Mosaic.

In order for the UGC Gallery to appear in the article, you will need to seed the gallery with at least one image.

User Submission Process

When website visitors go to an article with a User Generated Photo Gallery, they will see a Submit Your Photo button bellow the gallery. When they click that button, they will be taken to the photo submission form, where they will complete the following fields:

Image The website visitor will click Choose File to find the appropriate photo to upload from their device. After the upload, the file name will become the image name on the site, unless the name is edited in the moderation tool.

Images are limited to JPG, PNG, and GIFs with a 5MB limit.

Description A text box where the website visitor can enter a description of the photo. This text will appear in as the photo description on the site. When moderating, be sure to verify this content is appropriate.

There is no character limit on this field.

Name* The website visitor’s name, which appears in the Caption field on the site, if the caption is enabled on the gallery.
Email Address*  The website visitor’s email address will not appear on the site, but it can be used for any email confirmations about photo submissions.
Terms and Conditions*  A checkbox where the website visitor indicates they accept the site’s terms and conditions.
Are you a human?* The is a reCAPTCHA widget. The website visitor needs to check a box to show they are, indeed, a human.

* indicates a required field

Approving Images In The Moderation Queue

Editors can access the Moderation Queue by going to User Generated Photos > Moderation Queue. Here you will find a list of all of the user-submitted photos awaiting moderation.

By default, the queue will show the photos from all UGC galleries with the newest photos first. At the top of the queue, you will find a filter to allow you to view only photos from a specific gallery.

Title This defaults to the file name of the image. You can edit it here if needed.

This text will appear as the image title if the title is included on the Gallery Template.

Caption The photo caption for the gallery, typically the image credit. This field defaults to “Photo by User submitted name.” It can be edited if needed.
Description The user-submitted description that can appear as the image description in the gallery. This can be edited here.

Be sure to review the description to ensure the text is appropriate for your site.

Insert Galleries This is a selection box that shows what gallery (or galleries) this photo will be added to. Initially, this field will just have the gallery where the user submitted the image. To add additional galleries, click in the box and search for the appropriate galleries.
Cancel/Trash/Save & Approve
  • Cancel and go back to the moderation queue.
  • Send the image to the trash.
  • Save your changes and approve the image to be published to the gallery on the site. Approving the image will also add the image to your Media Library.
Image preview A large preview of the image. Be sure to review the Image Preview to ensure the image does not include any inappropriate content before approving it for the site.

Be sure to always click Details to view the image larger so you can ensure the photo’s content is appropriate for your site.

Configuring User Generated Photos Workflow

Go to User Generated Photos > Settings and follow the instructions below:

Admin notification emails This field should contain the email address or addresses of the editor(s) responsible for moderating the user-submitted photos.

Be sure to separate multiple addresses with a comma. If left blank, an email will not be sent when users submit a photo, but photos can still be received and accessed via the Moderation Queue.

Captcha To prevent spam on the form, you can use Google reCAPTCHA to ensure the site visitor submitting  photos is a real person. For reCAPTCHA to work on the site, we need two keys: the Captcha Site Key and the Captcha Secret Key.

Here are instructions on how to sign up for reCAPTCHA and generate these keys.

Terms and Conditions URL You can use the field to search for the Terms and Conditions page on your site. Just click on the the dropdown field and start typing the name of the page to find the appropriate page.

This online generator can help you create your Terms and Conditions.

Success message The message that appears in place of the form once the user submits a photo. The field starts with Rayos’s generic “thank you” text.

You also have options below the field to send an email to the user both when the image is submitted and approved.

Notification email on submit If checked, fill out the Email Subject and Email Body. Both fields start with Rayos’s generic “thank you” text.
Notification email on approval If checked, fill out the Email Subject and Email Body. Both fields start with Rayos’s generic “approval” text.


Frequently Asked Questions

If an image is placed in the trash, can it be retrieved?

Yes. Click View Trash link in the upper right corner. This will allow you to see the Trash bin to recover your image by clicking Restore.

Can you filter content in the Media Library to only show user-submitted images?

No, there is not currently a way to filter the media library by UGC photos. However, images will show which gallery they appear in under the Uploaded To heading.